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How to accelerate discovery with an R&D Data Cloud

Accelerating discovery for biopharma R&D requires a purpose-built solution with plug-and-play integrations -- engineered and continuously enhanced by an organization with deep roots in life sciences and cloud, backed by a fast-growing ecosystem of partners, and committed to making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

Learn more about real-world requirements for implementing an R&D Data Cloud for life sciences by reading our whitepaper: What is an R&D Data Cloud?

  • Why conventional “data lake/data warehouse” strategies add risk and cost, deliver limited value, and often fail
  • Why R&D focus is required to build robust integrations and harmonize data for easy consumption by applications
  • How a data-centric approach helps liberate data, ensure validity and long-term utility
  • How a cloud-native architecture delivers elastic scaling, improved uptime, and increased performance
  • How a vendor-agnostic strategy, open partner ecosystem, and relentless focus on data validity and accessibility prevents costly lock-in and data silos

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The Tetra R&D Data Platform

The world's first and only purpose-built R&D Data Cloud for life sciences

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R&D Focused

Purpose-engineered by scientists and cloud professionals.

Data Centric Indigo


Automates the flow of data through its whole life cycle.

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Modern architecture for scale, reliability and speed.

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Vendor-agnostic and community-driven.

"Many tasks that once took hours are now completed in seconds. The transition to automated, cloud-based workflows has built efficiencies and eliminated scalability barriers."


William Gowen-MacDonald, Senior Research Scientist

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The only purpose-built R&D Data Cloud for life sciences.